GRP & GLS Tanks w/pic

GRP & GLS Tanks

Ideal For Clean Portable Water

Sectional Water Tanks

Perfect Strength & Durability

The glass fiber reinforced panels are molded at temperatures up to 150 deg.0 using isophthalic unsaturated polyester resins and are pressed under hot press moulding process to realize optimum condition for maintain the best endurance.

Flexible & Hygienic Design

BK GRP water tank panels are designed using computer aided design technology and suitable for ambient temperature of 50 deg.C(drybulb) . Also BK GRP water tanks are suitable for water temperature up to 50t. Using non-toxic materials and stainless steel. So it is suitable for used in contact with potable water.


Manufactured using Environmentally Friendly Materials

Excellent Hygiene

Heat Insulation

Flexible Capacity Designing

Easy to Assemble & Transport

grp tank almaden
Glass Fiber Reinforced Panels are molded under high stress conditions to ensure longevity
GRP Water Tank panel can fit any dimensions according to your needs
Flexible Design makes them easy to assemble & Transport
Panels are non-corroding, to reduce bacteria & foreign contamination

GLS Tanks

Water Supply & Treatment
Industrial Dry Bulk Storage
GFS Enamel Bolted Panels




Made from a high – strength composite material which is environment friendly. Corrosion- resistant, High resistance to acids and alkalis at different concentrations.

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