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Since 1982


Established Since 1979

National Factory For Fiberglass (PNF) was established in the year 1979. It is the second largest manufacturers of fiberglass products and largest for polyethylene water tanks in the kingdom.

Technical Background

It has been the pioneers in manufacturers of many fiber glass products. With a sound technical background and a team of dedicated staffs, we manufacture a wide range of FRP products.


Every journey starts with one step, where we entered the market as a building materials trader. We
obtained sufficient experience in that domain, which allowed us to assist the Saudi market’s particular needs.

That was when the idea of establishing the first Saudi integrated factory for water tanks, and other fiberglass products became a reality. With the Help of God Almighty and our efforts and perseverance, we were able to reap the fruits of our hard work. In 1982, we opened the first Saudi integrated factory for water tanks and other fiberglass products.

As per usual, beginnings are always in small steps until the idea grows and expands. We became the first choice in the Saudi market and managed to maintain this reputation. In 1997, we became to be known as AlMuhaideb National Tanks instead of The National Polyethylene Company.


We have always been and will always be thinking of serving our customers’ needs and providing them with the best services, products, and solution regarding cost and quality alike.

As we strive to offer the best, our growth spurs from our customer’s feedback and satisfaction, along with the involvement of our resourceful employees. Our goal is to contribute actively to the growth and advancement of our society and city.


We are committed to provide our customers with
products of the highest quality that surpasses
their expectations.

We are focusing on having a variety of products
strategically as well as various 
outlets to emphasize
our customers satisfaction is 
a top priority.


Strive to Success
Accommodating with market needs

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